See what our patients have to say about Power of Life Chiropractic!



"I am so very blessed to have found this office.  Dr. Mark is a well-educated doctor. I trust his care.  With Dr. Mark and the chiro team, and me doing what I need to do, I plan on getting better as I get older.  My prayer is everyone gets checked for subluxations, especially my family.  It’s the only place to be!"  -Pat A.


"One way I’ve noticed this is in the absence of my allergy symptoms.  I’m not sure when it happened but I usually would have allergy symptoms in August and September.  I have not had any symptoms for as long as I’ve been getting chiropractic care!" - Maria N.


"All of my teenage and college aged years I had suffered with bad menstrual problems.  Every single month I would have awful cramps and vomiting.  Since chiropractic care, my problems during “that time of the month” are so much better!! No more vomiting, and cramps are far and fewer. Some months I have no symptoms at all! I am so thankful for how chiropractic has changed my life. " -Christina R.


"I’ve had migraine headaches all my life and I’ve been to every doctor and they never helped me. But since I started coming to Power of Life Chiropractic I haven’t had a headache. I’m so happy and as far as the pain on my back, it’s so much less its unbelievable." -Donna R.